Take a Sentimental Journey with Bill Shontz

                                                                                                            Senior Serenade                                            
                                                                      A journey into the songs that bring back   the memories of happier times
                                                                                                         Sentimental Journey                       
                                                                 Bill infuses stories about his childhood into sweet reflective  songs that everyone loves to sing along with. 
                                                                                                        Don’t Forget the 50’s!               
                                                                                                        A great upbeat show 
                                                                                                   Favorite Duets of all Time                    
                                                                     Bill teams up with the great performer Donna Lee to bring a joyous performance
                                                                                                            Holiday Shows
                                                                                                          Birthday Parties  
                                                                                                           Special events
                                                                                            Custom designed theme shows.  

“Bill literally touched everyone in the audience.  He went around the room and shook hands or hugged each person.  When he dedicated “Over the Rainbow” to his mom and told the story of her passing, you could have heard a pin drop.  He wasn’t afraid to address loss when he performed “Pick Yourself Up” and had everyone involved.  ….A Truly moving moment”

“Bills passion for music and love for seniors is immediately apparent”      Trumbul CT

“He infuses his insightful work with a power and enthusiasm that entertains, educates and delights the audience.  My residents rave about Bill’s musical performances and we all look forward to his return.”                                   Laticia Croke, Spring Meadows